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The Cgrams platform gives fans the ability to purchase real time digital goods from celebrities for charity

Getting started

(buying your first celebagram)

1. Register with Us!

Having a Cgram account gives you access to all the auctions held by your favorite celebrities. Creating an account is totally free and you can get started by clicking here!

2. Check for Listings

Don’t be discouraged if your favorite celeb hasn’t posted any auctions, we’re constantly adding new members every day, so check back often!

3. Buy a Celebagram

Celebagrams are sold in a dynamic “silent auction” format. Here is where individual Celebagrams are listed in 90 second intervals. When the time has elapsed the highest bidder wins.

How it works

After winning an auction you’ll be quickly prompted to finalize your purchase. Once this is done, you’ll be asked provide the instructions for what you want written (signed selfies) or said (personalized videos) on your Celebagram. Once this is submitted the celeb will then have 48 hours to complete the request.

Once your Celebagram is complete you'll receive an email notification. You can then access you celebagram (anytime) directly from your account. We also provide free scheduled sms delivery on all purchased celebagrams!

What they look like

Right now we offer 2 different types of Celebagrams, these are… Signed Selfies: an original selfie taken by the artist, inscribed with your personalized message, and signed at the bottom. Personalized Videos: a 15 second clip recorded by the artist reading whatever script you provide (please keep it clean).

Signed Selfies Example
Personalized Video Example



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Celebagrams Definition:

[celeb-uh-gram] noun
1.   A personalized digital good received from a notable figure via the Cgrams web application. Often times presented as a gift during a celebratory occasion. Funds acquired by notable figure are then selectively allocated to their specified charitable campaign.